Shygirl – TWELVE Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I guess, I mean, I know
It's kinda bad
Naughty, for you
Waiting, watching, fantasizing
So you like what you see?

[Verse 2]
I'd say I didn't like it but I did
Guess I wasn't raised right
Mommy made a naughty kid
Daddy raised a wild one
[?] raised a fiend
Pulling up on bitches every chance I get
Billin' over seams
I don't need a crew, I don't need a team
Give 'em energy, hotter than a hickey to your neck
I'm an enemy
I'm an enemy

[Verse 3]
Only got a bad type
Get to know that side of me
We can mash work, if you're feeling me
Come here, like a tug from my bеd from the street
People say "24/7 days of thе week"
I don't know, but I can't really tell
Why ride with the devil when I can give you hell?

[Verse 4]
"Did you use me, get in my head?"

That's what they'll say
When they find out
Are my secrets safe with you?
What's too good, too easy, too sweet
Come find me
I'm free, at 3

[Verse 5]
I see you creep, back and creep too
I do it every time
We're too busy on the low, you can see that I get mine
Come and get it too
If you want it, you can have it more
Tryna get got, but you man never felt before
And you're trying to teach tricks
But I'm really too young
Can't get a grip
When you see me, you just play dumb
( [?], enemy)
If I was you, if you was me
Would you run or would you flee
Ten toes to your hoes, who went out when you're asleep
Tired, naughty
Like what you see?
I don't better, I can't really tell
Why ride with the devil when I can give you hell?

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