Nervous Triggers – Risk Oblivious Youth Lyrics

[Verse 1]
We live in the places that you won't
We live in the stress cracks in the asphalt
Of the citites that you abandoned
When you declared yourself an adult
We move into the fallout shelters
That you built when they started this war
That we pay for in taxes and lives
And we don't ask for more

Because we're the risk oblivious youth

[Verse 2]
We thrive in the desperate corners
Where only the vermin survive
We make our art in the dark
When the moonlight shines outside
We inhabit the basements
Living in the squalls of feedback and the sweat
The riot squads have other ideas

But you know they haven't shut us down yet

Because we're risk oblivious youth
[Guitar Solo]

[Verse 3]
We steal our moments when we can
Over cases of bad cheap beer
And a pot of beans on the stove
And seeing best friends twice a year
We take to the highways in vehicles
That just may not fall apart
All to search for every last kid
Whose lifeblood flows from fearless hearts

Because they're the risk oblivious youth
And we're risk oblivious youth
We're all risk oblivious youth
And we live where you won't

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