Napalm Death – Phonetics For The Stupefied Lyrics

Torrential flow where anything rolls (from the tongue)
Addled – it’s so verbose
Shrill then sickly then so verbose
A self-advancing spout that’s so verbose

Grating, reverberating

Stupefied, but everything’s hurting
Addled – this wretched blurting
Strafe a simple point – this wretched blurting
Pile on guttural disconnects – this wretched blurting

Coruscating, reverberating

Phonetics for the stupefied
Phonetics for the stupefied

Glaringly a ploy, can’t you hear?
Withering pitch, technicolour drawl
If only laughingly dismissed


Pronounced as if emancipation’s getting near
From larynx to brain, subjugated only further as you speak

To the stupefied

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