Mnmsta – Walk In My Shoez Lyrics

2000 mothaf*cking three
Foesum back up in this bitch again
hittin’ corners on that ass
with the lights out
you wanna roll?
then take a walk in my shoes
check this shit out

when you ready, let’s roll
I got something to show you
the things we see, in the life we go through
be prepared, keep ya mouth shut and eyes wide open
Cause anything can happen at any given moment
from the gate, we headed to the store for drank
ready for anything, you can snap if you blink
so I’m peepin’ my surroundings
got homies on the one doin’ dirt around county
take the 40 out the bag
time to get our stroll on
take it to the head, watch ya back or get rolled on, fool
Cause out here bullets got no names on ’em
hop in the Lac with them chrome Dana Danes on it
we hit corners, bluffin’ when me mash out
homies on breathe stumblin’ till they pass out
all you see is gangstas, drop low riders and perms
homies hustlin and slangin welcome to my world

[chorus: Mnmsta]
take a walk up in my shoes (my shoes)
no tellin’ what you come across in my view (my view)
oh man any time that we slide through (slide through)
ready to ride cause I like to invite you

then come and take a walk up in my shoes (my shoes)
no tellin’ what you come across in my view (my view)
oh man any time that we slide through (slide through)
ready to ride cause I like to invite you

it won’t take long to find youself caught in the mix
and it can happen so fast the thought will make you twist
wether it’s drama or police involved
handle my bidness then leave some walls
I fit every discription in the book
best believe me homie, take a good look
I keep tricks up the sleaves and honor amongst thieves
and welcome out the cut till the popo leaves

truck knowin’ from the get go
hangin’ on by threat and won’t let go
Cause out here in these streets
there ain’t no room for snitches
anyone that dodges bullets is an example of the quickness
hold your heat cause you might need it
it’s got to Tennessee and John Forth, you better believe it
and the streets is full of graffiti, gangs and no rules
but that’s what I deal with
so take a walk in my shoes

[chorus: Mnmsta]

in these streets we got access to everything
police trying to crack down on every gang
waste getting moved in and out the hood
weapons transported and stolen goods
it’s like belling through a bio full of land mines
homie, you can run, but you can’t hide
Cause all you hear is sirens and gun shots
street blocked off but noone’s caught
and plot sticky anytime to go poetic
ghetto bird above us makes it more dramatic
so we gotta keep it moving like a youha
anybody in the way watch them fools fall
I’m constantly losing those close to me
but still got my die hards to bounce with me
remember, it’s Mster, puffin’ and pass takin names
on top of all things I’m in the rap game

[chorus: Mnmsta]

what’s up
that’s my boy Mnmsta
so don’t try to walk in his shoes
you know how we do it on the west coast
we wear khaki suits, stacey biscuits, chuck taylors
rags hangin’ out the back pocket
and oh by the way, if you think this song is banging
wait till you hear the rest of the album
Eastside LBC
Cause those who run up
best believe they get slumped and dumped
hangin’ out on the corner shootin dice all night
and hittin’ them switches on them Cadillacs
and hollarin’ at them hoodrats
we makin’ transactions

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