Courtney Bell – Deebo Lyrics (feat. Icewear Vezzo)

[Intro: Courtney Bell]
IRocksays music
Body, ayy

[Verse: Courtney Bell & Icewear Vezzo]
They like, “How he on the block, but be with niggas that be conscious?”
Cutty just broke down the block, you cross that line and they gon’ drop you
Beat the doors off the hinges, twenty-five these niggas clockin’
Got my hands out the mix, but somehow still makin’ profit, nigga
Yeah, Court don’t wanna hang ’cause I be robbin’
He like, “Brodie, change your hobbies, you too known to still be wildin’
I’m like, “Nigga, didn’t you just set me up?” Let’s switch the topic
These Amiri pants, I switch up styles, double-cup, pour out my problems, bitch (Ayy, look)
Brodie servin’ jeans, down the way these niggas toxic
Try to leave, but they need Hell and who gon’ speak if I don’t stop ’em?
f*ck a chain, I bought the hood, built the block up with my partners
Find a small town and lock it when you playin’ with them outlets, nigga (Yeah)
Yeah, this the hottest shit right now and it ain’t out yet
Niggas trap, wait, where the mouse at? Send some shots right where your scalp at

Flew them birds down to the A, f*ck around, could be a falcon
Wrist rocked up, look like a mountain, we was hustlin’ in the projects, nigga (Ayy)
I’m good in my section, huh, golden ticket, I’m protected
Watch how you move, my young niggas reckless, I send a cue, they comin’ with steppers, nigga
I hop out with FN, up it and come out your necklace
Play by the rules and got all my blessings, wear all my jewels when I’m in the trenches, gang (Look)
Don’t play with your life, little brodie murkin’ for his stripes
A thousand joints’ll change your life, he think he Percy servin’ ice (Yeah)
Bought my shawty Birkie, off a Perc’, she f*ck me right
Got twenty chains, I’m hella bright, ain’t servin’ Perc’, we servin’ white, nigga (Ayy, look)
Brodie servin’ life for touchin’ boys like pedophiles
It’s up to me to set ’em free, I keep it clean and hold shit down
I set him up (I blow him down), you sippin’ Tuss (Slow it down)
Your kidneys fail and you can’t sleep, that shit ain’t G (I’m on it now, gang)

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