Cancerslug – Philosophy Of A Knife Lyrics

I don't know why
You gave me the knife
Can't you see there's murder in my eyes
And if you're looking for a reason to die
It's the philosophy of a knife

I don't wanna f*ck
I wanna f*ck you up
You're just a stupid slut
That I can't wait to cut

The only reason that you're here tonight
Is that it your f*cking time to die
You make a perfect sacrifice
To the god of the knife

When I get mad people get dead
I got to listen to the voices in my head

You know I just want your f*cking life
It's the philosophy of a knife

Flesh up the blade
Like death is all pain
And I don't wanna know your f*cking name
What more when you asked for
Than to be the sacrificial pain
If life is pain
Then I can get away
Take life away

Philosophy of a knife

Cutting the tight of the last of the virgins
Psychopatic you can bet your life

We gonna take it tonight
We gonna take it tonight
We gonna take it tonight

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